Seeking professional opinion on aesthetic treatments to current crash tested railing.

#10423 March 20, 2024 Ariel Sheil ( [email protected]) FL
Bridge Railings

Bridge Railings

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Seeking professional opinion on aesthetic treatments to current crash tested railing.

IDOT would like to know if the proposed modified railings (aesthetic) mounted on top of a MASH TL-4 constant slope parapet would be still considered a crashworthy system.
The following is attached:
*MASH TL-4 Bicycle Railing on Constant Slope Parapet reports by TTI (Report No. 616221-01).
* Proposed aesthetic railings
* Standard Base Sheet Detail

Please let us know if more information is needed.

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  1. Ariel Sheil ( [email protected]) Texas A&M Transportation Institute

    From Nauman:

    “I don’t have a concern with adding the aesthetic rail to the design included in your inquiry as long as: 1) the rail is set back the same amount from the impact-side top-edge of the single slope concrete barrier as it was in the crash test, and 2) the aesthetic windows in the HSS rails are set within the width of the HSS rails and do not protrude out.

    For aesthetic treatment, the primary concerns are related to potential for vehicle snagging and causing excessive damage of the occupant compartment. In case of the small car and the pickup truck tests, the height of the top aesthetic steel rail minimizes the possibility of snagging. These vehicles are not likely to reach above the 39-inch tall concrete barrier to interact with the aesthetic rail in a significant manner. For the single unit truck, the test vehicle had a 3-inch occupant compartment deformation in the floor pan area. The aesthetic features may cause some additional deformation of the floor pan area. However, this is not likely to exceed the 12-inch MASH threshold since the aesthetic design uses similar HSS rails as tested and the additional aesthetic windows are restricted to be set inside the width of the HSS rails per requirement #2 in my response.”

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