WSDOT has developed Standard Plan C-60.10 (F-Shape Barrier) based off TTI TRP#607911, and Standard Plan C-60.15 (F-Shape with Scuppers) based off TTI TRP#612831. Are these barrier systems in the unanchored configuration still considered MASH TL-3 compliant if we increase the height of the barrier from 32″ to 42″ tall (or up to 54″ tall?)? If yes, what modifications should be made to the barrier?

#10763 May 30, 2024 Tim Moeckel ( [email protected]) Washington
--Portable Barriers

WSDOT gets inquiries about providing taller F-Shape barrier due to pedestrian/bicyclist/worker fall protection requirements and also for headlight glare considerations. Recently, TTI issued professional opinion 202402A which gave MASH TL-3 compliance to the PA unanchored 50″ tall F-shape barrier. After seeing this professional opinion, WSDOT is checking to see if their unanchored F-Shape barrier systems (with and without scuppers) can be considered MASH TL-3 compliant if the height is increased to 42″, 50″, or 54″. If yes, what are the recommended modifications to the barrier to accommodate the height change?

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