Bridge Rail Group Brainstorming session (2021)

Hello All,

Hope this email finds you all safe and healthy.

I do apologize for the long email. Please try to read the email below, it entails important details regarding the next preparation steps toward our 2021 pooled fund meeting. The email below includes FOUR requests:

  1. Review the email list of subject matter experts for each PF member (DOT).
  2. Review already existing problem statements (from previous year).
  3. Share any new needs (new problem statements).
  4. Provide your availability through the whenisgood survey.

As we discussed at our recent Roadside Safety Pooled Fund Meeting, we are starting the process of preparation for our Fall Annual Meeting.  While a precise date has not been determined yet, we propose to start working with our Working Groups, following a similar approach of developing and prioritizing problem statements, as we did last year.

Mailing List Review:

Please let me know if our mailing-list for the “Bridge Rail” Working Group needs to be updated – anyone needs to be removed?  Anyone needs to be added?

Existing Material for Review:

The table below entails the problem statements that were not prioritized or not funded last year, for the “Bridge Rail” Category.

For the problem statements that were prioritized but not funded, we do already have a proposed work plan and budget. They are attached to this email. Please be aware that both the work plan and the budget could vary upon the future discussions and potentially modification of the projects scope, including a need to update the budget.  However, this would be a great start for those Members who would like to maintain or revise previously reported needs and re-propose them for this year’s consideration.

2019-22-BRInvestigation of MASH, TL-5 TBTA Bridge Railing Mounted on Traditional Concrete Deck
2019-34-BRResistance of Bolt-through anchor to Repeated Impact Loading
2020-01-BRSynthesize and Quantification of the Strength Capacity of Older Bridge Deck Designs
2020-02-BRInstrumentation for Bridge Decks, Barriers, and Other Roadside Safety Components
2020-03-BREnhancing the design of the sign post with sacrificial pin mounting on concrete median barrier

Preparation for Next Step:

In preparation to the next step (Brainstorm session), our TTI team invites you to:

  1. Get familiar with the attached five problem statements.  Please share them with Subject Matter Experts within your Agency as needed, be prepared to discussing them with other pooled fund members at our upcoming brainstorming meeting.  Please feel free to be ready to suggest any further modifications to these existing problem statements.
  2. Be ready to share any new needs (new problem statements) and present them as potential new topic to the other members (during our upcoming Brainstorm session).

Next Meeting Set-Up:

We now need to set-up a time for our “Brainstorm session” for the “Bridge Rail” Category.  

Please use the link below to choose your convenient time for the WebEx meeting (Brainstorm session) which is expected to be one and half hour to two hours long.

I will follow up with you all once we set up a time for the “Brainstorm session” meeting.

Expectations for this meeting are:

  1. Members to discuss their needs (from either already existing but not funded problem statements or simply new needs that are brought to the attention this year).
  2. Leave the “Brainstorm session” meeting with a list of needs that Members can ponder on in the following weeks, and develop as problem statements – if they aren’t already

Thank you all for your participation, don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

Please find the Excel file regarding the members names of subject matter experts:

Please find the problem statements: