Evaluation of Crash Worthy Enhanced Highway Sign Assemblies

Report Number(s): TRN 616161

Description: The installation was comprised of a 15 ft tall, 4 inch diameter, 6061-T4 Aluminum pip pole, secured to the concrete runway, supporting multiple-sign components and associated hardware. The post has a solar panel assembly mounted at the top. Below the solar panel assembly was a square aluminum sign oriented to give a diamond shape appearance. An audible button with pedestrian sign was mounted 42 inches from grade at the bottom of the sign. The post assembly was secured to a transformer base anchored to the concrete runway with four threaded roads epoxied in the concrete. Evaluation of Crash Worthy Enhanced Highway Sign Assemblies

Test Level: 3

MASH Test Number: 3-60, 3-62

Proprietary/Non-proprietary: Non-proprietary

Pass/Fail: Pass

Evaluation: Full-Scale Crash Testing

Sponsor: Roadside Safety Pooled Fund

Test Article Description

Base Type: Transformer Base

Number of Legs: 1

Support Type: Pipe

Support Size: 4.5" sign bracket

Support Material: Steel

Sign Material: Aluminum

Sign Size: 30" x 30"


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