BarrierGuard 800 MASH TL-3 Standard Minimum Deflection

Report Number(s): NA

Description: BarrierGuard 800 is 0.80 m (31.5 in) high (0.916 m (3 ft) including Hop) and 0.54 m (21.3 in) wide without anchor units or 0.70 m (27.6 in) with anchor units. The weight is approximately 126 kg/m or 84 lbs/ft. For the MASH TL-3 Minimum Deflection setup, four (4) different types of barrier sections were lined up on asphalt, forming a 42.0 m (137.8 ft) string.

Test Level: 3

Eligibility Letter: B302

Barrier Type: Portable longitudinal steel barrier

Barrier Type: Steel

MASH Test Number: 3-10, 3-11

Proprietary/Non-proprietary: Proprietary

Pass/Fail: Pass

Evaluation: Full-Scale Crash Testing

Sponsor: Laura Metaal Road Safety

Test Article Description

Height: 36.1"

Connection Type: None

Aesthetic: No

Scupper: No

Barrier Material: Steel

Test Article Description

Height: 36.1"

Section Length: 19'8"

Connection Type: Other

Ground Connection: Yet to be updated

Deflection: 1.54'