Development of a PCB Steel Cover Plate for Large Open Joints – Phase I

Report Number(s): TRP-03-387a-21


The objective of this research study was to brainstorm, develop, and evaluate design concepts for shielding the longitudinal gaps that occur between adjacent installations of PCB systems. The system should be designed for the 12.5-ft long, F-shape PCB with pin-and-loop connections, capable of accommodating variable gap lengths ranging from 6 in. to 12.5 ft and should be crashworthy under MASH TL-3 impact conditions.

Test Level: 3

Barrier Type: F-Shape

Proprietary/Non-proprietary: Non-proprietary

Pass/Fail: Developing

Evaluation: Engineering Analysis

Sponsor: Midwest States Pooled Fund Program

Test Article Description

Connection Type: Pin and Loop

Ground Connection: Pinned