KSI Global Safety Roller Roadside and Median Barrier

Report Number(s): NA

Description: Roadside barrier designed to translate shock absorption and impact energy generated at vehicle crashes into rotational energy.

Test Level: 4

Eligibility Letter: B252

Barrier Type: Steel

MASH Test Number: 4-10, 4-11, 4-12

Proprietary/Non-proprietary: Proprietary

Pass/Fail: Pass

Evaluation: Full-Scale Crash Testing

Sponsor: KSI Global Australia

Test Article Description

Height: 38.2"

Rail Type: Box-Beam

Rail Thickness: NA

Post Type: Steel line post

Material: Steel

Post Spacing: 2'-2"

Blockout Type: None

Aesthetic: No

Special Configuration: Median

Test Article Description

Height: 38.2"

Post Spacing: 2'2"

Aesthetic: No

Scupper: No

Barrier Material: Steel