Pinned Cross-Bolt F-Shape Precast Concrete Traffic Barrier

Report Number(s): 3-10, 3-11

Description: Intended for installation along roadsides where a traffic barrier system is required, either permanent or temporary. The Barrier was pinned (anchored) to pavement via precast anchor pockets for lateral restraint on asphalt pavement, traffic side only, with three (3) threaded bolts 3/4-in (19-mm) diameter, 12-in (305-mm) in length, using a 3/4-in (19-mm) nut and a 7/8-in (22-mm) plate washer with a plastic insert (ReDD®)for the 3/4-in (19-mm) diameter anchor rods.

Test Level: 3

Eligibility Letter: B-365

Proprietary/Non-proprietary: Proprietary

Pass/Fail: Pass

Evaluation: Full-Scale Crash Testing

Sponsor: Northern Infrastructure Products