SafeZone to SLED Transition

Report Number(s): NA

Description: The SafeZone to SLED system is a modular high containment low deflection steel barrier treated with the SLED water filled crash cushion. The SafeZone barrier and SLED crash cushion are attached to each other by means of the SafeZone to SLED transition.

Test Level: 3

Eligibility Letter: B-328

System Type: Steel Barrier to Crash Cushion

MASH Test Number: 3-21

Proprietary/Non-proprietary: Proprietary

Pass/Fail: Pass

Evaluation: Testing + Engineering Analysis

Sponsor: Laura Metaal Road Safety

Test Article Description

Transition Type: Steel Transition

Nested: No

Rubrail: No

Rubrail Nested: No

Height: 32"

Curb Present: No