Q & A

ID Title Category Partner / State Date
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9532 Can we use 42in F shape barrier with the anchor tested for 32in barrier? Work Zone Traffic Control Devices > Portable Barriers Oregon January 24, 2023
9472 Impact of longer lengths of temporary barrier Work Zone Traffic Control Devices > Portable Barriers New Mexico October 28, 2022
9015 Pinned-down Portable Concrete Barrier – what pin type to use when the surface is concrete with an asphalt overlay? Other Oregon October 1, 2021
7891 What is the minimum length of cast-in-place concrete barrier before requiring a barrier design with an independent foundation? Cast-in-Place Barriers Utah November 17, 2020
7889 TL-2 height to remain in place with steel blockouts? Guardrails Alabama November 17, 2020
7850 Is there test report available to show when is steel cover plate needed to cover open joint on concrete barrier? Bridge Railings Oregon November 11, 2020