TL-2 height to remain in place with steel blockouts?

#10429 March 28, 2024 Ariel Sheil ( [email protected]) Alabama


Ariel Sheil

[email protected]


TL-2 height to remain in place with steel blockouts?

A strongpost guardrail with steel blockouts is considered a Report 350 TL-2 application. There was successful crash testing for a TL-2 MASH guardrail with wood blockouts at 24″ and 25″. We are trying to determine an acceptable height to remain in place for a TL-2 application with steel blockouts on a 3R type project. Is there any past testing or guidance that is available for consideration?

  1. Nauman Sheikh ( )


    I am not aware of new testing under MASH TL-2 with the steel I-beam blockouts. With the wood blockout tests, we were trying to investigate the minimum acceptable height for the W-beam guardrail system for MASH TL-2. Unfortunately, additional research through analysis and/or testing would be needed to determine acceptability of the I-beam blockouts at reduced heights.


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