Modified Portable Roll-Up Sign with Sandbags

Report Number(s): 0-6639-13-1

Description: Modified Fabric sign substrate with carbon wrapped fiberglass stays and metal base ballasted with four 40lb sandbags. A 3/8" diameter bolt passed through the sign stand bracket and vertical fiberglass stay.

Test Level: 3

MASH Test Number: 3-71

Proprietary/Non-proprietary: Non-proprietary

Pass/Fail: Pass

Evaluation: Testing + Engineering Analysis

Sponsor: Texas Department of Transportation

Test Article Description

Mounting Height: 12"

Base Type: Yielding

Support Type: Rectangular CFRP Tube

Support Size: 1.25"x5/16"x66"

Sign Material: Roll-up fabric

Sign Type: Diamond

Sign Size: 48"x48"

Number of Legs: 1