FFY 2024 Prioritization Results

Agenda & Other Documents:

Problem Statements:






Research Presentations: 





Organization Overview – Charter Review (T. Moeckel)

Business Presentation (M.Mohamedali)

Midwest Pooled Fund Program Overview (S. Debenham)


Supplemental Projects Overview: 

Ongoing/Completed Research Overview:

Agenda & Other Documents:

Bridge Rail:

Breakaway Device:

  • 2024-02-BD “Evaluation of Triangular Slip Base for Breakaway Luminaire Supports”
  • 2024-05-BD “Wood Sign Support Systems”
  • 2024-04-BD “Square Tubing Slip Base Sign Support Systems”
  • 2024-03-BD “Evaluation of Multi-Post Large Sign Supports with Slip Base and Slip Hinge”

Longitudinal Concrete Barrier:

  • 2024-01-LCB “MASH TL-3 compliance of tall precast F-shape concrete median barrier, -pinned to asphalt”
  • 2024-02-LCB “Foundation criteria and slope design guidance for Structurally Independent Concrete Barrier”
  • 2019-06-LCB “MASH TL-4 Testing and Evaluation of Free-Standing Portable Concrete Barrier (42”)”
  • 2023-04-LCB “Optimized Grade Separated Concrete Median Barrier”
  • 2019-35-LCB “Equivalent Static design Forces Due to Lean of a Tractor Trailer Unit”

Longitudinal Semi-Rigid Barrier:

  • 2024-01-LSRB “MASH TL-3 Compliant Thrie -beam Guardrail System for Vehicle and Pedestrian Safety (LSRB).—Phase I”
  • 2021-01-LSRB Development of a Semi-Rigid Longitudinal Barrier System Capable of Withstanding Low-Speed Transverse Impacts”
  • 2024-07-LSRB “MASH TL-3 Design, Testing and Evaluation of a Flared Guardrail System – Phase 2”
  • 2024-06-LSRB “Short Radius Guardrail System (SRGS) – Additional Testing”
  • 2024-09-LSRB “MASH TL-3 Evaluation of W-Beam Median Barrier Installed in Raised Median”
  • 2024-08-LSRB “Development and Evaluation of a Thrie Beam Transition between 31″ Median Guardrail and Median Single Slope Concrete Barrier”
  • 2024-04-LSRB “Determine deflection distances for MASH TL-2 (and maybe TL-1) of the MGS with half post spacing and quarter post spacing using existing TL-3 MASH designs.”
  • 2024-03-LSRB “Determine MASH TL-3 and/or TL-2 compliance of the Midwest Guardrail System (MGS) with half post spacing / quarter post spacing and in combination with no soil backup”
  • 2024-02-LSRB “Determine MASH TL-3 and/or TL-2 compliance of the Midwest Guardrail System (MGS) with half post spacing / quarter post spacing and in combination with curb (6-inch maximum height)”
  • 2020-01-LSRB “MASH TL-3 Evaluation of Painted/Coated Guardrails”
  • 2024-05-LSRB “Synthesizing Guardrails and Transitions Performance Via Machine Learning”
  • 2023-03-LSRB “Placement of Underground Obstruction by Posts”
  • 2024-11-LSRB “High Tension Cable Barrier to MGS Guardrail Transition”
  • 2024-10-LSRB “MASH TL-3 Design, Testing and Evaluation of a Thrie Beam Guardrail System (TGS) with Wood Posts”
  • 2024-12-LSRB “Determination of the Length-of-Need for Guardrail without Anchorage Phase 3: Design Improvements”

Work Zone:

  • 2024-01-WZ “White Paper on national availability of MASH Approved trailer mounted equipment (Category 4 devices)”
  • 2020-01-WZ “Effect of commonly used accessories such as lights, and sensors on crashworthiness of work zone category 1 under MASH testing”