Alaska Wishlist

We recognize that many of the elements listed in the scorecard are in use by other states, but we don’t use many of them.  Anything we now use, w‐beam GR, F‐shape barrier, we need in the MASH compliant flavor.   

For w‐beam, our dream list is 31” mid span splice with 8” blockouts, and all the accoutrements, like bridge rail transitions, buried in backslope, long span, on slope, various anchors, short and long radius intersection, etc.   

We’ve been an F‐shape state for concrete barrier, both portable and CIP.  We have increasing interest in single slope ‐ other states will need it – and we will consider using it, particularly if it has benefits in ease of construction or lighter weight (not so sure we’ll get that), while safety performance comparable to F‐shape.  We are concerned with taller barriers, like 42”..  Our bridge guys get beat up for TL4 two‐tube rail at 32”.  We expect their TL4 MASH bridge rail design will be taller, like 36” or so, but that can’t be helped.