MASH Test 3-21 Evaluation of Short W-Beam

Report Number(s): 613121-01

Description: The 99 ft-5¼ inch installation consists of four sections: A 16-ft vertical wall parapet, a 24 ft-4-¾ inch transition section, a 50 ft length of need, and a 9 ft-½ inch TxDOT DAT. All the posts are 72-inch long W6×8.5 with 6×8×14-inch wood blockouts throughout the test installation. A 6 ft-¼ inch long nested Thrie beam is connecting the W-to-thrie segment to the concrete parapet via a 10 gauge thrie beam end shoe.

Test Level: 3

System Type: Guardrail to Bridge Rail

MASH Test Number: 3-21

Proprietary/Non-proprietary: Non-proprietary

Pass/Fail: Fail

Evaluation: Full-Scale Crash Testing

Sponsor: Washington State Department of Transportation

Test Article Description

Transition Type: W-Beam

Nested: Yes

Rubrail: No

Rubrail Nested: No

Height: 31'"

Curb Present: No