Mark’s Parking Lot

At the suggestion of Mark Burkhead of PADOT, this section will serve as a placeholder for ideas, thoughts, comments, suggestions, etc. that pop up during the year to keep on the radar for potential projects. Since Mark came up with the idea, this will be called “Mark’s Parking Lot.” Just shoot an e-mail to Lance or Roger if you would like to include something to keep on the radar.

What John D. talked about during the Guardrail Committee meeting regarding coming up with maintenance classifications of attenuators really caught my ear.  I think most states really do struggle with the “How To” of classifying attenuators.  There just seems to be very little to use as a defined basis and very fuzzy definitions.  That leads to a lot of uncertainty in the design phase which is where we really want to get it right. Someone mentioned that this might make a good pooled fund project.  If a state representative is needed for the project, I’ll take this one on.