Problem Statements

2016 Problem Statements

2016 Problem Statements (.xlsx file)

PA-82 (Revised) Guide Rail Through Rock Protection at Top of Slope

WA-83 Barrier Gaps with Thrie-Beam Connection Problem Statement

MN-84-Median Barrier Steel Cover Plate

MN-86-Retrofit End Post TL-2 TL-3

FL-94 End Treatment for Rigid Barrier

FL-95 F-Shape MASH Compatibility

FL-96 Rub Rail MASH Testing

FL-97 Special Base Plate Guardrail Posts

FL-98 Vertical Face Bridge Rail MASH Testing

IL-99 BBS Bike Rail

IL-99 BBS Bike Rail Supplement

TX-100 Crash Cushion

TX-101 MASH Coordination

TX-101 MASH Coordination Supplement

LA-102 36 in F-shape Bridge Rail Without Back Beam for TL-4 MASH

LA-103 42 in F-shape Bridge Rail Without Back Beam for TL-5 MASH

LA-104 Retest Anchored Temporary Concrete Barrier for MASH

LA-105 Retest of Guard Rail in Mow Strips

LA-106 Testing of Breakaway Sign Supports for MASH

WV-107 W-Beam Guardrail on 3-1 Slopes – Phase II

PA-108 MASH Compliant Generic TL-2 (MELT)

MN-109 MASH Testing

MN-110 MASH Tested Post-Installed Barrier System

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August 2014

TX-93 Crash Cushions Caracterization Repair Cost & Time

LA-92-Retrofit for Curbed Concrete Barriers (Concrete Barrier 1 , Concrete Barrier 2)

MN-91-Treated Wood Post Strength

MN-90-Steel Post Downstream End Anchor

IL-89-Bicycle Guardrail Protection

TX-88-ITS Application for Vehicle Notification

FHWA-87-12ft Post Spacing in front of slopesTL-2 Guardrail

MN-86-Retrofit End Post TL-2 TL-3

MN-85-PCB Steel Cover Plate

MN-84-Median Barrier Steel Cover Plate

WA-83-Barrier Gaps with Thrie Beam Connections

PA-82-Top of Slope Thru Rock

TN-81-Low Profile Barrier Curved Installations

TN-MN-80-Raised Blockouts


PA-78-F-shape Precast Barrier at Top of Slope (2014)

LA-77-MASH Stacked W-beam transition




AK-65-W-Beam Timber Deck Bridge Rail – Phase II-2015   (AK-65-Rail-6inchTimberDeckAssemblyOpt6)

LA-51-Transition for Anchored Temporary Barrier in asphalt to permanent concrete barrier (2)

LA-45-Temporary Precast Concrete Barrier over Large Joint (LA-45-15ft-ExpansionJointAssemblyOPTION1)

2013 Problem statements for FY2013 were submitted and prioritized in the Pooled Fund Meeting in Gettysburg, PA on October 1-2, 2012.

For a list of the problem statement rankings for FY2013, please see
2013 Project Priorities Worksheet