High-Tension Cable Barrier (405160-2)

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High tension cable median barriers are being used extensively across the U.S. These barriers are often installed in wide medians. This may allow errant vehicles to approach the barrier at higher impact angles than are recommended in NCHRP Report 350 for evaluation of longitudinal barriers. An understanding of the barrier performance (i.e. vehicle containment, stability, and expected cable deflection) at higher impact angles may provide information that will assist designers in placement of the barrier.

The objective of this project is to evaluate the crash performance of high tension cable median barriers when subjected to a 2000 kg pickup impacting the system at 100 km/h and 45 degrees. This test will determine the performance characteristics of high tension cable barrier when struck under excessive impact conditions. The results may be used to develop cable barrier placement guidelines.

The high-tension cable barrier, when impacted at 44.9 degrees, did redirect the vehicle but did not contain the vehicle. The vehicle pulled down and rode over the cables. The vehicle remained upright during the collision event, however, after loss of contact with the barrier, the vehicle rolled 90 degrees, then righted itself and came to rest upright.

High-Tension Cable crash test report