Problem Statements (2022)

The problem statements are linked below and organized within the Project Categories:

Word Doc- List/Order of Problem Statements

Presentation of all the Problem Statements (PowerPoints) – link expires Sept 2023

2023-01-BD MASH Testing of Square (Solid and Perforated) and Round Tube Sign Posts with Flashing Beacon Equipment (PDF Link)
2021-02-BDEvaluation of Four Bolt Slip Base for Breakaway Luminaire Supports for Various Pole Configurations (PDF Link)
2023-01-WZ Guidelines for Overlapping Precast Concrete Portable Barriers (PDF Link)
2021-04-WZPortable sign supports for aluminum signs with variation on mounting height (PDF Link)
2021-02-BR Phase 2 Thrie Beam Retrofit – Application of New Design without a Curb for MASH TL-3 and Performance and Improvements for MASH TL-4 (PDF Link)
2023-03-BRAssessment of Bike Pedestrian railings attached to crashworthy barriers (PDF Link)
2023-04-LCBOptimized Grade Separated Concrete Median Barrier (PDF Link)
2023-03-LCBSpot Repairs to Permanent Concrete Barrier (PDF Link)
2019-08-LCBInvestigation and Testing of the Shallowest Embedment or Footing Required for a Cast-In-Place Concrete Median Barrier at MASH TL-5 Conditions (PDF Link)
2023-01-LCBMASH (TL-1 or TL-2) Crash Testing of Concrete Barrier Sloped End Terminals (PDF Link)
2023-02-LCB/LSRB. Barrier Deflections at Lower Speeds – Phase I (PDF Link)
2021-01-LSRBDevelopment of a Semi-Rigid Longitudinal Barrier System Capable of Withstanding Low-Speed Transverse Impacts (PDF Link)
2023-04-LSRBDevelopment and Evaluation of a MASH TL-3 Guardrail Gate (PDF Link)
2019-40-LSRB31” W-beam Guardrail (Steel-Post) in Asphalt Mow-Strip (PDF Link)
2023-01-LSRBMASH TL 3-20 Evaluation of a Transition with Storm Inlet (PDF Link)
2023-03-LSRBPlacement of Underground Obstruction by Posts (PDF Link)
2023-05-LSRBBeam Guard by Retaining wall or Rip Rap (PDF Link)
2021-09-LSRBPerformance Enhancements of Shortened Blockouts (PDF Link)
2023-02-LCB/LSRBBarrier Deflections at Lower Speeds – Phase I (PDF Link)