Evaluation of Open Joints in Concrete Bridge Rail Systems (Task Order FG/619651)

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Final Report Link: Evaluation of Open Joints in Concrete Bridge Rail Systems


TTI Research Supervisor:  Nathan D. Schulz, Ph.D. Assistant Research Scientist Texas A&M Transportation Institute Texas A&M University System TAMU 3135 College Station, Texas, 77843-3135 (979) 317-2694 [email protected]   Pooled Fund Technical Representative: Alex Lim Steel Bridge Standards Engineer Bridge Engineering Section Oregon Department of Transportation (971) 283-5518 Alex.K.LIM@odot.oregon.gov


Concrete bridge rail systems tested and evaluated according to MASH typically include joint openings between 1/2 to 2 inches. Bridge rail systems with larger joints openings have not been evaluated according to MASH. State DOTs do encounter situations with bridge rail systems having joints larger than 2 inches. Guidance is needed for when these joint openings can be left open or if protection is needed using a cover plate or other solution. Computer simulations were conducted to evaluate concrete bridge rail systems with different joint openings. Additionally, joint filler material and cover plates were evaluated for use with joint openings. Guidelines were developed for MASH compliant joint opening widths and simulations to protect joint openings which did not maintain MASH compliance.
2024-24-01 (Jan 24)