MASH Test Level 3 Evaluation of a Shorter Thrie-Beam Approach Transition (Task Order FE)

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TTI Research Supervisor:
William F. Williams, P.E.
Texas Transportation Institute
Texas A&M University System
TAMU 3135
College Station, Texas 77843-3135
(979) 862-2297
[email protected]
 Pooled Fund Technical Representative:
Ted J. Whitmore, P.E.
Traffic Services Engineer
West Virginia Department of Transportation
(304) 414-7373
[email protected]

Problem Statement

When roadways intersect with restrictive features such as a bridge rail, it becomes difficult to fit a transition system with proper length. For this project, TL-3 w-beam transitions with shorter length are desired to be tested. These systems are used when State Departments of Transportation (DOT) needs to implement a shorter transition without compromising the integrity of the guardrail system.


The primary objective of this study is to crash test the preferred shorter transition system for TL3 MASH compliance.


MASH compliant transition with shorter length will provide the members of the Roadside Safety Pooled Fund with a valuable option in restrictive conditions against roadside hazards.


The TTI research team will prepare and submit a research report fully documenting all the work completed within this project. The TTI research team will provide engineering justification explaining the performed tests.

Work Plan

The research work plan includes the following tasks.

Task 1: Drawings & System Construction

The TTI research team will review the construction drawings from the previous effort and update them as needed to reflect the appropriate modifications. The TTI research team will construct the preferred system to be crash tested under MASH TL-3 criteria.

Task 2: Full-Scale Crash Test 3-21

The TTI research team will complete a full-scale MASH 3-21 test on the final system from
previous task. MASH 3-21 test involves a MASH 2270P (5000 lbs) pickup truck impacting the
system at a speed of 62 mph and an angle of 25°.

Task 3: Reporting

The TTI research team will prepare and submit a final report of the research findings. The report will include drawings of the tested system and each of its components.


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